Charity Opportunities

The Chalcedon Foundation

Since 1965, the Chalcedon Foundation has existed solely by the financial gifts of its faithful supporters.
We do not receive money from state or federal governments nor from other foundations.

It is the direct, tax-deductible gifts of Chalcedon’s supporters that underwrites the full work of this ministry.

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Missionary Support Opportunities

Nathan F. Conkey (Missionary)

Nathan has been in Christian missions since 2006. He supported Bible translation in England and West Africa. His passion is Christian Education. He served as an ESL teacher in a Bible College in Ethiopia, and in a Christian school in Korea. He has been teaching English to the eighty students and supervisors in the Pierre Viret Learning Center in Puebla, Mexico, a city of 3 million, two hours from Mexico City.

He loves to see childrens faces light up as they improve their English. He wants students to experience the material and spiritual blessings which a good command of English can bring.

He is developing a new ESL curriculum for schools. His dream is to make a Christian Curriculum accessible to Christian families throughout the developing world. After 5 years in Puebla he plans to return to his native Northern Ireland and start a Christian Learning Center of his own.

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