Educational Institutions

Pocket College

“Equipping the saints to advance the kingdom”

For all the same reasons you homeschool. For ages 16 and up. Learn on your schedule,where ever you are.
Everything presented in the context of the truth of Scripture. Available online; formatted for a smartphone. Tithe based tuition: no loans; no debt. “Education based on Christianity is a matter of religious conviction required by Scripture.”

The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy

New Geneva is dedicated to the advancement of the Christian Faith and Biblical Law for a Christ Centered societal order.

Through scholarship, discipleship and the application of God’s Law-Word to every area and institution of human existence, New Geneva’s students are poised to become the cultural leaders God has called them to be for the establishment of the Kingdom of God.
New Geneva’s Leadership College, Grad School and Seminary doesn’t provide a product…it provides a service; a very unique service.

All courses, and course sequences are tailored individually for each student according to their intellectual and vocational goals and are taught from an expliciltly Biblical perspective.

Most colleges simply offer courses and upon completion of a series of courses a diploma is given. Courses and diplomas are products. Pay for a course and you get the course. Pay for the product – get the product. Geneva goes further.

Attached to every course is a proctoring professor who acts as a “Master Teacher” especially assigned to that student. The student is the disciple. Each proctoring professor remains on-hand throughout the duration of the course to challenge the student to think through the various problems presented in the course, and to solve them Biblically. In this manner the student is “trained” as a cultural leader, not only to think God’s thoughts after Him, but to become proficient in the application of God’s principles to the modern world.

New Geneva: A Biblical Alternative to the College Dilemma

College, Grad School, Christian Reconstruction Training, Research Library, Bookstore and College Coffee Shop.
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Educational Resources

Chalcedon Foundation Resources

Visit the Chalcedon Foundation Resource pages for (faceted search for type of media, topics, authors, Scripture references, languages) books, lectures, videos, articles and magazines, and much more!

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Institute for Theonomic Reformation

“Empowering the Christian Community for Cultural Dominion”

“The Institute for Theonomic Reformation (ITR) is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization, which seeks to empower the Christian, and the church, so as to fulfill God’s cultural commission of Christian responsibility.”

New Geneva Library and Book Store

The New Geneva Education Center endeavors to preserve the Christian heritage by offering an array of ways to encourage research, learning, and maturity in the faith. The Center also provides a network of ways for like-minded people to connect.

The New Geneva Education Center
222 Harrell Street Appomattox VA 24522
Contact person: Christian Raymond
(434) 352-2667
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Visionarion Press

In Mark 4, Jesus likens the Kingdom of God to a seed which a farmer casts into the ground. He illustrates the principle of growth, “First the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear” (Mark 4:28).
Our work at Visionarion Press is to plant seeds, through education, of the Gospel and its application to every area of life. We want to help others to understand how to be faithful to Jesus Christ in their homes, churches, and communities!
Currently, our first book (with many more to come) is The Sovereignty of God by Arthur W. Pink. This concept is the bedrock of our life—God is the Lord, and His Word speaks to all areas of life! History, family, church, vocation, calling, the state, economics, and more are under His Lordship. His redemption extends to them all!
Drawing from a long history of faithful authors, pastors, writers, and teachers, our goal is to translate these works into very practical educational forms—online homeschool curriculum, study courses, community study guides, and more. We are very small today, but this is a brand new day of small beginnings. First, the blade. The harvest will come in God’s time.

The Rev. David Harold Chilton Center for Reformed Theology

The Rev. David Harold Chilton Center for Reformed Theology was founded in 2013, to further the scholarship of the late Rev. David H. Chilton (1951–1997).

The Chilton Center is committed to preserving the Chiltonian legacy through a publically accessible digital archive of Rev. Chilton’s writing and sermons. Our center is home to a collections of books, newsletters, sermon notes, photographs and audio recordings. These form a superb resource for research and teaching Biblically Reformed theology.

The Chilton Center Goals:
1. to preserve and develop the collections in our care.
2. to make the collections accessible to pastoral, academic, and public audiences.
3. to cultivate the Chiltonian legacy in theology, liturgical arts, eschatology, and economics.


The Covenant Family Institute

The term, covenant family, may be new to many Christians. While my passion for this subject originated in being introduced to the biblical multigenerational family, I learned over time that the multigenerational aspect of the biblical family is rooted in its covenantal nature. Covenant families, by biblical definition, have a component of succession, or continuity. In other words, biblical families are multigenerational precisely because they are covenantal. As such, while The Covenant Family Institute (CFI) focuses on the multigenerational task of families, I prefer to lead with the label of covenant families as this term is loaded with biblical and theological meaning. I know this terminology may be overwhelming to believers new to the subject, but don’t worry — this site is chalked full of explanation!

The CFI does not intend to be merely an informational resource for developing covenant families. Rather, our emphasis is on training in the nuts and bolts of multigenerational practices. For example, among many other things, we train families on how to write a family constitution and start a dynasty trust (which will, among other things, influence how your great, great grandchildren will manage family assets held in common). If this at first appears strange, it is only so because for several generations now, Christian families have stopped thinking multigenerationally. Designing things that will only have effect over 100 years from now will begin making more sense once a multigenerational mindset is restored.

Take a look around on the site. It is a work in progress, and a beginning one at that. By the grace of God, our hope and vision is to see a comprehensive and robust platform for covenant families to train in the disciplines of multigenerational succession

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